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Damaged or Stolen Equipment

Contact us on 024 76236045 or email us at for more information.

DSA Insurance - Key Facts


Please first report it to your local police station and obtain a crime reference number. Then contact us on 024 76236045, and we will guide you through the process.


Always contact us first on 024 76236045, we will guide you through the process

We have arrangements in place for you to be provided with a policy that includes the following required features, and that only has the following permitted exclusions:

Item What is covered What is NOT covered
Zero excess policy X
Accidental damage, fire, theft and malicious damage (3rd party) X
Theft from unlocked / unsecured premises or vehicles X
If an item is lost or misplaced X
Full reinstatement of all hardware and software to at least the standard originally supplied X
Worldwide cover can be provided, if requested X
Will not be limited to a single claim X

Please note the above matrix is a summary. For full policy details, please contact us on 024 76236045 or email us at so we can refer you to our insurance partners.

The length of insurance term can be the same as the computer warranty and the choice available for these can be for as long as 4 years where applicable, thereby providing the DSA student with full equipment cover for the length of their course.

The main reason for insuring all systems is to offer quicker and easier support, and to save time deciding responsibility, assessing damage, getting quotes and organising payment.

Also if students do not take out insurance and equipment is stolen, any replacement of the equipment would be at the students own expense. At present, insurance and warranty premiums can be paid for by their DSA.

What does purchasing insurance from us mean to you?

Advice to students - There are still some inevitable exclusions; such as leaving it on a table in a library un-attended

Please note that the insurance covers sudden and unforeseen causes, not things that happen gradually as a result of rough handling. The manufacturer may claim that these are more than fair wear and tear so not covered by the insurance.

There is less chance of hassle