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Message from Gurnak S. Bains (Managing Director) regarding Reach Data's exit from the DSA market

It's with a heavy heart that we, "Reach Data", after just over 20 years have taken the decision to withdraw from the "DSA market".

This is not a decision lightly or impulsively taken, but something I have wrestled with over the past few months.

The simple truth is that the DSA no longer makes any financial sense and we simply cannot sustain ever decreasing prices.

We have decided to withdraw supply to new customers to focus on our B2B and retail customers but will not be forgetting our existing DSA customers.

I wish to reiterate this only affects potential new customers - existing customers will still be provided support for the remainder of their DSA.

We ask that everyone bears with us over the coming transition while the company undergoes restructuring.

Gurnak S. Bains