DSA Students click here for information on upgrading to Windows 10

Upgrading to Windows 10

As of yet Microsoft Windows 10 is untested with all assistive software; we recommend that all DSA students DO NOT upgrade to 10 as this may mean that some assistive software will no longer function correctly. This will also affect any warranty supplied by Reach Data Technologies.

If we are asked to un-install Windows 10, to collect a machine and re-install Windows 7 or 8 it could incur a cost which would be requested in advance from the student.

Below is a table showing current compatability of Assistive Software with Windows 10.

Assistive Technology Software Is Windows 10 Supported?
ABBYY FineReader v11-v12 TBC
Sonocent Audio Notetaker v2-v3 No
Sonocent Audio Notetaker v4 Yes
ClaroRead v5-v6 No
ClaroRead v6.5 Yes
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v10-v12.5 No
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13 Yes
Global AutoCorrect v3 Yes
Inspiration v8 No
Inspiration v9 Yes
KAZ Typing Tutor v20 TBC
Mind Manager v9-v12 No
Mind Manager v14-v15 TBC
MindView v4 No
MindView v5-v6 Yes
Olympus Sonority Yes
Text Help Read & Write v9-v11 No
Text Help Read & Write v11.5 Yes
ZoomText v9.1-v10.1 No